Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Our Halloween party was a blast! The place was well decorated - courtesy of Rene, Rutchelle, Esther, & Cesar, with the help from our teeners - Patrick, EJ, & their friend Adrian - and a little help from Mac, too. It was a real feast with the variety of food and drinks that were brought to the party. As expected, the kids came in their cute and colorful costumes. Some adults, too, were playful enough to come dressed up in their favorite characters. You can tell by the animated conversations that the gathering was also a perfect time to catch up with friends.

The Halloween party was not complete without the costume parade and contest. The judges (Linda Porquez, Manny Altares, Fred Lao, Rutchelle Enriquez, & Rene Estomo) had a hard time choosing the winners as costumes were really beautiful, colorful, and interesting. In the end, the judges chose two first places (in the 0-9 category) - the pretty Pink Princess and the cute Ballerina in black (who danced gracefully just like her grandma!). The other winners for this category were Harry Potter, Robin, Black Spiderman and the Pink Fairy with wings.

For the 10-15 category, the captivating Cleopatra won first prize, Acrobatic Skeleton was second, and the Rocker Skull came in as third.

Adult costume contest was equally enchanting. Joe Erasga, as the Grim Reaper, had the greatest impact on kids. As soon as they saw him, kids ran to their parents and started crying! It was indeed Halloween time looking at the black hooded guy with red eyes and scary hook! No wonder Joe got the first place, followed by his seductress lady Dracula, in second place, and Ms. Pumpkin, in third place.

After the costume contest the kids had their usual games. The adults had fun playing the musical chairs and the statue dance as well. The highlight of the evening for kids was definitely the "trick or treat" walk. The community did not disappoint the kids as they were ready with lots of candies and chocolates to hand out.

Overall, this year's Halloween celebration was a big success. All kids went home tired, but happy with bags full of goodies.

Thanks to all those who attended the party. Thanks for the food, the drinks, and the candies. Extra thanks to those who stayed behind to clean up the place. Without all your participation and help, our party wouldn't be as fun, and delightful.

Please click on the picture above to see our 2009 Halloween album. Photo credits go to Arlene E. & Amy G.

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